Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7

Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7
The Mark 7's advanced cloaking makes it impossible to keep in focus

Monday 11 December 2023

Hague Landings Campaign Map

Here is the map for the campaign mode I have been working on, most of the rules are functional but I am still sorting out numbers and types of units. The map is just a screen grab of Google maps and I tried to distribute the territories and connectors as well as the fortified territories to make for interesting strategic decisions.

Monday 27 August 2018

2084: A Republic Reborn

The Liberation of France:
In the waning months of the ceasefire years Paneurope launched a major offensive in a bid to retake Combine occupied Paris. Paneuropean troops coordinated with French Paneuropean loyalists to retake the city. With French lowalists attacking from the less fortified west and Paneuropean cybertanks punching through defences from the East, it is up to the Combine United States Garrison to survive until reinforcements arrive. The Paneuropean liberation force is accompanied by 3 new Fencer cybertank models, but their weaponry is proving to be subpar in this campaign when stacked against long range weaponry or other Ogres. The loyalists are made up of outdated tanks and up-gunned helicopters as well as truck mounted militia, though outgunned, they outnumber the western Combine forces in the city. The Combine Canadian reinforcements are spearheaded by a pair of outdated Mark III’s and a Mark V and should punch through anything other than enemy ogres. The Combine Garrison has large numbers of infantry, heavy tanks and artillery which should stave off all but the most determined assault from the east.

Map (Base map from Google Maps):

Dark Green – Forest
Light Green – Open
Lines of Green – Marsh
Grey – City
Yellow –Road

All forces except for the Combine reinforcements setup turn 1, the Combine reinforcements setup turn 5. All forces setup in the designated areas on the map.

Time Limit and Victory Conditions:
The game lasts 10 turns.
There are 5 sectors to Paris, each outer sector (1-4) are equal to 1 victory point, the inner sector is worth 3 points, at the end of the game, the side with more units (infantry counting as 1/3 and Ogres counting as 3) in the sector scores the victory points.
7 victory points – Overwhelming victory
5-6 victory points – Decisive victory
4 victory points – Close victory
3 victory points – Close defeat
1-2 victory points - Decisive defeat
0 victory points - Crushing defeat

Combine United States Paris Occupation Garrison (East):
Combine 123rd United States Infantry Company (elements)
24xINF (8x3 squads)
Combine 70th United States Armor Company (elements)
Combine 33rd United States Artillery Company (elements)

Combine United States Paris Occupation Garrison (West):
Combine 123rd United States Infantry Company (elements)
12xINF (4x3 squads)
Combine 70th United States Armor Company (elements)
Combine 33rd United States Artillery Company (elements)

Combine Canadian South Army Reinforcement Regiment:
Combine 7th Canadian Superheavy Armor Battalion
1xMark V “Big Brother”
2xMark III (“Little Brother”, “Little Sister”)
Combine 24th Canadian Air Cavalry Company
Combine 37th Canadian Mechanized Air Infantry Company
18xINF (6x3 squads)

Paneuropean Liberation Force:
Paneuropean 3rd “French” (German) Superheavy Armor Battalion
3x Fencer (“Foucault”, “Descartes”, “Thoreau”)
Paneuropean 57th Russian Air Cavalry Company
12x GEV
Paneuropean 44th Russian Mechanized Air Infantry Company
36xINF (12x3 squads)
Paneuropean 23rd German Heavy Armor Company

French Paneuropean Loyalists:
Paneuropean 1st French Archaic Armor Company
Paneuropean 2nd French Motorized Militia Company
36xMIL (18x2 squads)
Paneuropean 1st French Archaic Air Cavalry Company
6x Combat Helicopters (stats below)
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Range: 4"
Movement: 3" (GEV)
Cost: 3


Tuesday 27 March 2018