Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7

Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7
The Mark 7's advanced cloaking makes it impossible to keep in focus

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

2077: A Thorn in Europe's Side

The Hague Landings
In 2077 the Combine mounted their second major amphibious assault on mainland Europe, landing not in France but in the Paneuropean province of the Netherlands, initial landings were met with heavy resistance as the Paneuropeans had been fortifying for years and the fighting was fierce, the Northern landings were repulsed but the landings near The Hague were successful after a long and drawn out battle and the Combine forces successfully established a permanent beach-head pushing north and east and taking Amsterdam, once this was done they had a foothold on the continent and the real war began.
This scenario represents the initial Combine invasion of The Hague and thrust towards Amsterdam harried by the Paneuropean reinforcements from Utrect. At this time the Paneuropeans lacked both Ogres and Superheavy tanks and were hopelessly outgunned by the Combines Ogres. The failure of the Paneuropean forces against Ogres at The Hague would lead Paneuropean generals to push for what soon became the Superheavy tanks.
This battle will hopefully eventually be the start of a campaign game but due to time constraints I am posting this scenario now and will hopefully fill in the rest of the campaign rules and scenarios when the rules are finished, for now, enjoy.

Map (Base map from Google Maps):