Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7

Ogres Marks 3, 3-B, 5 and 7
The Mark 7's advanced cloaking makes it impossible to keep in focus

Monday, 5 December 2016

2099: The Beast of Brasilia

The Siege of Brasilia:

As a side note on the theme of this scenario this is in no way supposed to be political and is based on a theoretical future in an alternate universe and in no way represents my actual views on this region or any current, past or future events in the world.

South American Last War History:

South America was one of the most devastated regions during WWIII. After the Brazillian Argentinian war of 2022-2035 the continent began to band together to rebuild, strengthening relationships between South American countries through trade. South America entered into an un-paralleled time of peace and prosperity until, in 2066 and 2067 when the Combine Annexed Central America and took over the Carribean, when Combine relations with South American countries broke down due to the Combines growing power in the north as well as continued political and economic exploitation on South America by the Combine. When WWIII broke out in 2070, South America began to fear the Combine would turn to them. By 2079 these fears had reached a boiling point and Paneurope signed secret treaties and established covert bases and factory centers in Brazil and Argentina to protect against any Combine invasions. In 2085 these preparations proved prudent as Combine launched a massive land, air and sea invasion against all of South America indiscriminately, initially gaining ground quickly and annexing smaller nations, their first trouble came in Brazil where Combine forces were bogged down for months in the Amazon by Brazilian home defense forces and Argentinian and Paneuropean expeditionary forces. Through the use of extensive nuclear warfare the Amazon became uninhabitable and became a nuclear combat zone. Nova Brasilia is formed with its capital in Brasilia out of what remains of Brazil and other South American countries excluding Argentina which remains independent. By 2086 many Paneuropean cybertanks have been shipped to South America and Paneuropean led South American forces push North in the west, seizing panama and pushing into Mexico, the offensive was only stopped when the first MK IV ogres broke the siege of Mexico city and Paneuropean forces began to be pushed back to Panama before halting the offensive. In 2095 with the collapse of Europe many Paneuropean leaders and forces relocated to South America as it was seen as safer despite ongoing preparations for a Combine offensive in South America. By spring 2098 The Combine was finally prepared for their invasion and launched it pushing south but meeting with unexpectedly heavy resistance and making slower progress than even their last unsuccessful invasion. By 2099 the Combine were stopped near Brasilia and had one last trick up their sleeve, the MK VII Ogre of which the first few had just been produced and were being deployed to South America. Brasilia had long been a well-fortified stronghold as well as the capital of Nova Brasilia and the center for Pan European operations and the Combine pushed here the strongest, applying the MK VII to take the city along with other lesser Ogres and massive numbers of Combine troops. Paneuropean and Nova Brasilian forces were well prepared however and had the most to lose if Brasilia fell, they would give anything and everything to protect their freedom. The entire fate of South America could hinge on this single battle.

Scenario Rules:
-Deployment area: The Combine sets up within the red lines in the north-western corner of the map, the Brasilian force sets up outside this corner, anywhere on the map.
-Setup order: Nova Brasil sets up first and Combine sets up second.
-Start: Combine moves first.
-Victory conditions: Combine counts victory points, 0-13: Brasilian Complete Victory, 14-27: Partial Brasilian Victory, 28-41: Partial Combine Victory, 42-55 complete Combine victory. Additionally if the Brasilian player ever destroys all components of the MKVII (Including treads and excluding internal missiles and AP units) the Combine suffer -15VP at the end of the game, if General Baker is ever removed from play the Combine suffer -10VP, for each Mark III-B with all components (Including treads and excluding internal missiles and AP units) destroyed the Combine suffers -5VP.
-Brasil may not attack on buildings but may recapture them, the player with the most units within 1 inch of a building controls the building.
Time: The game ends after 30 turns.

Buildings (victory points):
HC-Brasilia Military High Command - (10VP if captured, 5VP if destroyed) – Brasil may not move next turn if HC destroyed or captured.
BP-Brasilia Parliament buildings – (15VP if captured, 10VP if destroyed)
NR-Nuclear Reactor – (7VP if captured, 4VP if destroyed)
AF-Arms Factory – (5VP if captured, 3VP if destroyed)
LN-Laser Network Control dish – (10VP if captured, 5VP if destroyed) –  Combine may deploy 1 cruise missile at board edge in their deployment zone before the laser network can be brought back up.
AP-Airport (3 VP if captured, 1 VP if destroyed)
SD-Sensor Dish (5 VP if captured, 3 VP if destroyed)
10 small bridges (5SP)
5 large bridges (10SP)


A note on the map: the map is based off of my rough interpretation of the city of Brasilia and the area around it as it might look in 2099, obviously it has changed since today but I hope that the geography is close enough to what it might be.

Nova Brasilian 5th Army:

Brasilia 1st Defense force:
Nova Brasilian 12th Artillery Battalion
8 x HWZ
12x MSL
9x Hovertrucks
Nova Brasilian 1st Headquarters Battalion
1x Hardened CP (HC on map) (Grand General Nogueira and staff)
            Nova Brasilian 6th Infantry Battalion
                        18x Infantry
            Nova Brasilian 28th Heavy Armor Battalion
                        12x HVY
            Brasilian Partisans
                        6x Technicals (Attack: 2, Defense: 1, Range: 4", Movement: 4" (WHL))
                        9x Militia

Paneuropean 25th Remnant Heavy Armored Force:
            1x Dopplesoldner “Napolean”
            1x Fencer-B “Old Man”
            4x SHVY

Argentinian 10th Brasilian Expeditionary Force:
            12x Augmented Infantry
            6x MBT

Combine 10th Army:

            Combine 10th United States Army Headquarters Battalion:
                        1x Mobile Command Post (General Baker and staff)
                        9x ENG INF
                        3x GEV-PC
                        2x Mobile Bridge Units (Defense: 3, Movement 2”, On river: counts as bridge)
            Combine 34th United States Mobile Artillery Battalion:
                        6x Mobile Howitzer
                        12x MSL
                        6x LAD
                        6x Hovertrucks
Combine 60th United States Heavy Armor Battalion:
            6x SHVY
            12x HVY
Combine 11th Mexican Airborne Infantry Battalion:
            6x GEV
            6x GEV-PC
            18x Infantry
Combine 1st Canadian Ultra Heavy Armored Battalian – “Vancouver Anihilators”
            1x Mark VII Ogre – “Tesla”
            1x MRD (Missile Reload Drone) – “Igor”
2x Mark III-B Ogre – “Bouncer I” and “Bouncer II”

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  1. Yeah I know it's been awhile since I posted last, things have been really busy lately but I've definitely still been chipping away at some scenarios and the monumental task of creating campaign rules. Some of my scenarios just need polishing up and then I should be able to post them pretty soon if all goes well! I've been working mostly on a European landing scenario at the Hague and a bunch of potentially linked scenarios in Asia, including 2 in Japan and at least 2 in China.